Safe and timely tank cleaning at AAK in Aarhus

26 April 2021, 09:38

Fortum Recycling & Waste leverer tankrensningsservice til AAK

AAK is a global company, world-leading within customized and sustainable plant-based oils and fats solutions. The company operates 20 production plants worldwide including the plant in Aarhus with extensive tank farms for storage of raw materials for the company's various production processes.

In January 2021, AAK entered into a turnkey contract with Fortum Recycling & Waste to clean a 4,000 m3 tank for energy production. The tank had to be disinfected and cleaned completely and subsequently inspected. "It was an important prerequisite for the task to maintain a high level of safety, and that the tank could return into production within the given time frame", says Engineering Manager Henrik Wessmann, AAK.

For the task Fortum has used subcontractors with important functions to carry out the turnkey contract safely. This includes cleaning team, blacksmiths, vacuum cleaners and a certification company.

Based on information on the bacterial content, high-pressure cleaning was chosen as the method for the task solution. The tank was flushed at low pressure (150 bar) and with hot water which is an effective method to eliminate bacterial growth. KIWA Inspecta was able to immediately approve the tank after completed inspection in accordance with applicable standards. "I experience a good quality in the task solution when Fortum projects tank cleaning like this," says Bjarne Fynbo, KIWA Inspecta.

“Fortum drew up a detailed time and method plan which we could approve immediately before the project started. At the same time, the project manager ensured close, ongoing coordination between the suppliers involved. When challenges arose along the way, the plan was quickly adjusted, and the project manager made sure that the task was solved safely and on time. This contributed to the task being solved with quality and to our full satisfaction concludes Henrik Wessmann, AAK.”

About AAK

AAK specializes in plant-based oils that are the value-adding ingredients in many of the products people love to consume and make these products better tasting, healthier, and more sustainable.

Through value-adding solutions, customer Co-Development, insight and knowledge in Chocolate & Confectionery, Bakery, Dairy, Plant-based Foods, Special Nutrition, Foodservice and Personal Care, the company enable their customers to reach better efficiency.

AAK employs 3,900 people through 25 regional sales offices, 15 Customer Innovation Centers, and with the support of more than 20 production facilities. AAK is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden.

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