Sharpened safety requirements for drivers as per 1 April, 2021

Fortum sharpens and harmonises the safety requirements for drivers who transport waste/goods at our plant in Nyborg meaning that requirements are the same as for other employees working at our plant.

Here you can read the letter about sharpened safety guidelines:

Letter about sharpened safety guidelines for truckdrivers

As per 1 April, 2021, all drivers must present documentation that they have conducted the safety training to get access to our plant. If they have not conducted the training beforehand, they have to do it onsite when they arrive to Fortum. This may mean a lost time slot, and the unloading time may be delayed to the next free time slot.

Safety training instructions for truckdrivers

If the driver has not the necessary personal protection equipment, they can rent it at Fortum – price will be DKK 500.00. We will invoice the customer the fee. Before entering our site, the driver must sign a document saying that he/she will use the required personal protection equipment

Checklist for necessary personal protection equipment



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